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Canyon Wind Music
Black Hills Midnight - Parker & Pickering
​Trying To Be A Stranger - Parker & Pickering
Lettin' Go - Parker & Pickering
When I Held You In My Arms - Parker & Pickering
Racing The Clock - Parker & Pickering
Crazy Mary's Wild Moonshine - Parker & Pickering
The Quitin' Song - Parker & Pickering
Leah - Parker & Pickering
Southern Bound - Parker & Pickering
On The Run (in Mexico) - Parker & Pickering
When Will You Be Mine? - Parker & Pickering
Don't Look Back - Parker & Pickering
Livin' In The Wild Wild West - Parker & Pickering
Lucifer's Laughing - Parker & Pickering
Endless Summer - Parker & Pickering


The Canyon Wind - Parker 
Over My Shoulder - Parker & Pickering
Reminiscing - Parker
Can't Hide The Sun - Parker & Pickering
Wings Of An Angel - Parker & Pickering
Lullaby - Parker & Pickering
Our Love Will Never Die - Parker & Pickering
Hillbilly Riviera - Parker & Pickering
No Regrets - Parker & McClelland
Daybreak Star - Parker & Pickering
Rainbow Sky - Parker & Pickering  
Moo Cow Strut -  Parker  
My Selene -  Parker & Pickering

Thirsty For Speed - Sample & Parker
Here We Go Again - Parker
Savanna Sunset - Parker
That First TIme - Frazier & Parker
Temporary Solution - Bernie Costello
Tomorrows Love - Parker
Underneath The Velvet Sky - Parker & Pickering 
The Party's Goin' On - Parker
​On Second Thought - Parker & Pickering
We're Having Fun Again - Parker & Pickering
The Journey - Parker
Songwriters Symphony - Verlon Thompson, Keith Parker, Walter Sample, Elinor Kohler, Denise Ridgeway 
Shades of Darkness - Parker & Pickering     
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CANYON WIND MUSIC, now in it's tenth year, released it's first album of all original music in 2013. Since that time the band released 2 more albums of original music as found below.  

Founding member of the Canyon Wind Band Keith Parker is still performing and releasing originals songs on Reverbnation, SoundCloud and also being shared on Facebook and the Canyon Wind Music YouTube channel. You can hear audio recordings and watch videos of original music below:

Keith offers an "all original singer songwriter show" 
performing songs from a diverse list of original tunes listed below

Thirsty For Speed, Here We Go Again, Savanna Sunset, That First Time, Tomorrows Love, Underneath The Velvet Sky, The Party's Goin' On, On Second Thought, We're Having Fun Again, The Journey, Songwriters Symphony, Shades of Darkness, The Canyon Wind, Over My Shoulder, Reminiscing, Can't Hide The Sun, Wings Of An Angel, Our Love Will Never Die, Hillbilly Riviera, Campfires Are My Way, Wish There Was Someone To Miss Me, Blue Collar Scholar, No Regrets, Daybreak Star, Rainbow Sky, My Selene, Black Hills Midnight, Trying To Be A Stranger, Lettin' Go, When I Held You In My Arms, Racing The Clock, Crazy Mary's Wild Moonshine, The Quitin' Song, Leah, Southern Bound, On The Run (in Mexico), When Will You Be Mine, Don't Look Back, Endless Summer, Some Friends Of Mine, I'm A Ramblin' Man, Is This All, I Gotta Ride, Waiting On You

I Gotta Ride
Waiting For You
When I Retire
Our Love Will Never Die
Sand On Our Toes 
(Get Some)
Daybreak Star
Up The Creek
Original songs for listening
Thirsty For Speed
Up The Creek 
​Free audio downloads of original tunes 
are available on Sound Cloud