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Welcome to the Canyon Wind Music 
Audio Visual Page.
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aka Canyon Wind  Music All rights reserved. ©
Kentucky Woman
Knee Deep
Mr. Bojangles
Here is a sample of a couple of Acoustic tunes 
as performed by the Canyon Wind Trio and one by the Canyon Wind  Blues Duo
Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer
Corona Recording 
recorded by Keith April 2020
Your Song
Recordings by the Canyon Wind Trio below
I Saw The Light
Goin' Out Of My Head 
Can't Take My Eyes off of You
I Can See Clearly Now
Corona Recording 
recorded by Keith March 2020
Oh Lonesome Me
Stand By Me
Lean On Me
In My Life
I Like It I Love It
Up The Creek
Original song

Cover of the Beatles tune Lady Madonna
Walk Of Life
Up The Creek Original 
Sand On Our Toes 
(Get Some)
Original song
Daybreak Star
Original song

I Gotta Ride
When I Retire
Our Love Will Never Die
Thirsty For Speed
Original song

This video is from 
Live at Pappy's Place 
a song by
*Jonathan Edwards*
Bing on Harmonica 
Pappy on Guitar and Vocals 
Waiting For You